Class Information:

Forage Colorado specializes in small-group and one-on-one classes. Topics covered, length of the class, and cost are based on the interests of the group or individual, as well as the current season, and location of the class. 

Below you will find some examples of classes, information about the costs of classes, and class offerings for the current year if any are available. 


Example Classes:

  • Foraging Classes for My Followers: Every once in a while when I have a day or two free I offer classes to my social media followers. Forage Colorado started as a little Facebook project, and I never expected it to grow like it has. This is a way for me to give a little something back to my followers. These classes are limited to 5 people and fill up very quickly! Unlike my private classes these are either free, or have a small fee. Be sure follow Forage Colorado on Facebook and Instagram and to turn on post notifications to be the first to know about these when I offer them!

  • Spring Black Morel Hunting: a full day (7 to 8 hours including driving) in the mountains hunting down in elusive Colorado black morel. Topics covered include how to find likely environments for black morels, information about identification of black morels and their look-a-likes, tips and tricks to actually find them once you're in the correct area, and best practices for harvesting, transporting, and processing. 

  • Summer or Fall Foraging Hike: a hike anywhere from the foothills to treeline. Topics covered include whatever edible species we happen to find; usually some mushrooms, and plenty of plants and berries.

  • Late Summer/Fall Mushrooms: a full day (7 to 8 hours including driving) in the mountains searching for the many edible mushroom species that can fruit during this time of year. Mushrooms found usually include boletes, chanterelles, hawk wings, milk caps, puffballs, and more. Topics covered include any poisonous species we may find, identification traits of the various edible species, and best practices for harvesting, transporting, and processing. In addition to mushrooms this time of year is also great for finding many of the edible berries we have in Colorado.

  • Local Edible Plants: 1 to 3 hours all about the local plants around you. Typically done around the house or town of the group or individual taking the class. Topics covered include any edible plants (and sometimes mushrooms) we come across, precautions for foraging in urban environments, and best practices for harvesting and processing our finds.

Pricing Information:

These prices are based on the class examples listed above. Final pricing will be agreed upon after deciding the specifics of the class with the group or individual.  Pricing of classes is subject to change.

Full Day Class - $200 flat rate, groups of 1 to 5 people.


Local Class - $40 to $150 depending on group size and class specifics, 1 to 5 people.

Travel Surcharge - In the event that we arrange a class in which I travel to you, there may be a charge of $25 for the first hour traveled, plus $15 for each additional hour.

Class Offerings for 2019:

These can change periodically (usually during seasonal changes), so be sure to check back occasionally and subscribe to the email list at the bottom of this page so I can keep in touch!

My personal and work schedules are going to be quite busy this year, especially the first half of the year, so my availability for classes will be very limited. That said, I do hope to offer a few private classes when my schedule allows. Please use my Contact Page to get in touch if you are interested in scheduling a class.

As a result of my busy schedule this year I have not yet obtained any permitting. Meaning I cannot receive compensation for classes held on public lands. I will likely put some time into the permitting process this year, but I have no estimation of when I may have those permits. So, if you're interested in a class and you own or have access to private property where the class could be held you will get priority in my schedule. Additionally, I will work out a discount from my pricing if you provide the site for the class.

As always, thank you so much for your interest in my classes! One day I hope to have enough time to go foraging with anyone and everyone who is interested!


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Disclaimer: Do not consume or use any mushrooms, plants, or other foraged materials based solely on the content of this website. The information provided here is intended to be educational, but it is not intended to the final word on the edibility of any foraged material.