Classes with Forage Colorado

2022 Class Update - please read if you're interested in my classes.

I'm so glad to see all of the interest in foraging! I love that more people want to learn about the foods all around us! I pretty much always get more interest in classes than I can accommodate, and this year will be even more so. Outside of my day job, I've committed myself to learning programming and will be taking evening classes through the summer as I work towards my goals. The study and homework for my programming class will eat into a lot of the time that I usually have for teaching foraging.

That said, I still plan on offering classes as I can fit them into my schedule. As mentioned below, my Patreon supporters will get priority when I have class availability, so check that out if you're really wanting to get in a class with me this year. Aside from priority I also have a ton of awesome exclusive content for my Patrons. It would mean a whole lot to if you did decide to support me on there! If that's not for you I totally understand. I should have more availability in 2023 when I'm not filling my schedule with extra studies!


Thank you so much for the interest in what I do here!

General Class Info:

Forage Colorado offers a variety of class options to suit any of your foraging or plant and mushroom identification needs. Below you will find descriptions for some of the class types that I offer. These classes can also be customized to fit whatever you're interested in learning! To inquire about setting up a class with me, please reach out using my Contact page.


My availability for classes is often limited, and when I do have openings my Patreon supporters get priority for those. You can check out the other perks my Patrons get, in addition to first dibs on class openings, on my Patreon page. I put a lot of work into the extra benefits over there and would be honored if you decide to support me.

A Note About Permitting: 


I am unable to offer paid classes on public lands without holding a commercial permit for those lands. The requirements to apply for these combined with my limited availability makes permitting not very feasible for me, at the moment. I do hope to pursue permitting options in the future. If you are interested in a class but don't have a suitable location, fear not! Get in touch using my Contact Page and we can discuss options.


Foraging and ID Walks

Do you want to learn about all the trees and edible plants around your mountain cabin? These are the classes for that! Ideal for large areas with diverse habitats where we could spend several hours talking about the various species we find! I prefer to offer these as half or full day classes and can travel to you.


Half-day - $300 up to 5 people

Full-day - $500 up to 5 people

*Plus a travel fee if I come to you.


Yard and Garden Foraging

You can find things to forage in most places, including right outside your door! From tiny yards to a sprawling farms there are things to be learned! These classes are typically shorter, around 1 to 2 hours, and could easily be done after work or on a nice weekend morning!


1 to 2 hours - $150

*Plus travel a fee if location is 30+ minutes from me.


Mushroom Hunting

 Have you always wondered about those strange and beautiful mushrooms you see around town or in the mountains? These classes aim to answer any questions you might have about our local fungi! From spring oysters and morels to summer boletes and chanterelles, we can cover it all!


Half-day - $300 up to 5 people

Full-day - $500 up to 5 people

*Options limited by permitting.